ACT Begins Superscoring

Superscoring! Doesn’t that sound incredibly epic?! You can almost hear a bold-voiced announcer telling you that the ACT is new and improved, “Now with SUPERSCORING!”

But what is superscoring?

In short, superscoring is a way for students to take advantage of multiple ACT efforts by combining their best English, math, reading, and science scores. For example, let’s say a student took the ACT three separate times and received the following scores:

Test #1: English 25, Math 32, Reading 22, Science 28 –> Composite: 27

Test #2: English 30, Math 31, Reading 23, Science 24 –> Composite: 27

Test # 3: English 28, Math 28, Reading 28, Science 25 –> Composite: 27

Not bad, eh? A 27 is a good score, for sure.

But… if we take the superscore of those tests, we’d use the English from Test 2 (30), the Math from Test 1 (32), the Reading from Test 3 (28), and the Science from Test 1 (28). When we add those up and average them, the superscore for the three tests is a 30! That’s a three-point increase! And it can make a huge difference when it comes to the admission process and merit-based scholarships.

So what’s the big deal?

Many colleges have already used superscores themselves. But the ACT’s announcement this week was significant because it means that the ACT will be releasing official superscores for students who have taken more than one test, going back to 2016.

Not only is the addition of superscores a big plus for students, but it also makes the ACT an even more attractive option as students weigh whether to take an ACT or SAT for their college admission process. No less important is the fact that superscores might be an even better predictor of first-year college success than any individual test scores.

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So as you wrap up the school year and enter the summer break, use this time to turn your attention to the ACT, and plan to take it at least twice (and maybe even three times!) in the fall. If you do, the next things that will be new and improved will be your chance for admission at the school of your choice and scholarship money to pay for it!

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