Learning Center Benefits for Young Children

Huntington is most commonly known as a place for high school students to prepare for college entrance exams. Huntington’s exam prep program is so successful that most people think this is all we do. Well, I am happy to tell you that these folks are wrong. We are more than just an exam prep program – we also work with young students on fine tuning their elementary level skills to prepare them for school.

Our Learning Center is a place for children as young as Pre-K age to develop cognitive skills and get excited about the upcoming school year. We prepare students in areas like phonics, letter recognition and formation, and early mathematics. Our Learning Center professionals are often trained teachers with years of experience in Kindergarten and other early education programs. They love working with young kids and enjoy being a positive role model of proper schooling behavior.

There are several ways in which your youngin’ can benefit from using our Learning Center right from the get-go.

Prepare Them for Elementary

Many students enter Kindergarten without having had a prior preschool experience. Which can be detrimental to those kids who might be considered behind in their development. Our Learning Center offers these students a chance to practice their Kindergarten skills and concepts while also preparing them for elementary.

Elementary is a huge step. We know this. Parents cry as they say good-bye to their Kindergarteners on the first day of school. And Kindergarteners worry about how their first day will go. With help from the Learning Center, these parents and students can feel more confident that the first day of school will be a success. Not only because your little ones have memorized all their letters or can do basic arithmetic, but because they have had experience in a formal learning environment.

Teach Them Schooling Cues

The rules that go along with being a student are often referred to as the “grammar of schooling.” These hidden rules that students learn in their early schooling experiences can shape how they will behave in school for the years to follow. For instance, if your child never learns to walk in a straight orderly line, they may find themselves getting in trouble or being embarrassed that they never learned the proper way to walk in a line in the halls.

Our Learning Center teachers not only fine tune your child’s cognitive receptors, they also teach students this grammar of schooling. Learning Center teachers promote learning position, listening ears, walking quietly and safely and all sorts of hidden elementary rules. Make sure your child is prepared for both the academic challenges ahead, as well as the social challenges.

Get Them Excited About Learning

Last, but certainly not least, our Learning Center teachers help get early education students excited about school. Our fun and effective curriculum offers young students an opportunity to move around, practice their writing, color and other exciting things kids love doing. Rather than simply working in a book or using flashcards, Huntington has an array of learning materials available to stimulate young minds and make learning more appealing.

If you think our early education programs could be beneficial for your kiddo – give us a call and schedule a free academic evaluation today and start the process of turning your child into a well-rounded student!

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