Test Anxiety and the SAT/ACT

As you know from Preventing Test Anxiety During Final Exams, test anxiety is a leading scholastic impairment in students. This is likely due to the crushing pressure students find themselves under to succeed. Test anxiety becomes an even bigger concern during times of high stress. Taking the SAT and the ACT certainly counts as one of these times.

For many students, these college entrance exams will determine the next four years of their lives. They are not to be underestimated. And they therefore come with a lot of emotional baggage. Extreme emotions can be detrimental to tests scores, so managing them comes with practice.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Test prep will be the biggest contributor to increased tests scores if you choose the correct method. Nowadays, there are several options. Some students prefer an online experience where they can study from anywhere. Others, like those who use Huntington Learning Center’s Exam Prep programs prefer a one-on-one learning experience.

Either way, finding a program that fits your mode of learning will significantly improve your chances of scoring in higher percentiles. If you feel confident in your studying, your test anxiety will lessen.

Know the Test

When I was a senior, I went into the SAT completely unaware of what the test actually looked like. I didn’t know what the testing conditions were. I didn’t even know how long the test would take. Because of this lack of information, I scored lower than I wanted.

Before you take your test, talk to your guidance counselor about your exam. Ask all the questions you need to. Ask for a practice test. Do some research. Knowing the test will help you prepare for the big day. And preparation is key to eliminating test anxiety.

Practice in School

Practice makes perfect. We know this to be true. Well maybe not the perfect part, but practice make preparedness for sure. When you have tests in school, start setting personal timers to practice time management. Incorporate testing strategies like elimination with multiple choice questions.

There is no such thing as being over prepared. Start practicing the nuanced skills needed to achieve success on your SAT or ACT now. Don’t know what these nuances are? Do your research. Call Huntington at (208) 331-9020 and schedule exam prep sessions with a tutor today. These knowledgeable teachers will help you better understand what you can expect.  

Test anxiety doesn’t have to limit your success. If you plan for your test, know what to expect, and practice testing strategies you can achieve the scores you need to attend your dream school.

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