Tutors: Teachers not Technicians

When you take your car in for a tune-up, you can expect to drive into a garage, hand over your keys, go out for a latte and come back with your problems fixed. The mechanic will tell you what was wrong in your engine and what they did to fix it. You will then pay the appropriate fees and drive home feeling safe in your freshly tuned-up car.

Tutoring can sometimes be this way as well. You drop your child off, go out for a coffee and come back to pick them up hoping they have learned the information they need. In other words – that they have “fixed” their school problems.

I Can Fix It!

This is a common misconception. Tutors are not like mechanics who simply tell you what is wrong. Mechanics will tell you what the problem is. But instead of teaching you how to fix it, they generally just fix it for you. This is far from helpful.

A good tutor will know how to be a technician and look for leaks. But they will take their job a step further and explain how the leak happened, how it can be fixed, and guide you through the process for fixing it.

Tutors are not technicians – they are teachers.

Teaching: A Step Further

Teachers will make sure your child understands why they got the answer wrong by taking the necessary steps to correct their thinking. Unlike mechanics (or technicians), teachers give you the resources you need to continue to get the correct answer in the future and avoid breaking down on the side of the road feeling helpless. If every mechanic gave you replacement parts and taught you how to fix it yourself, every mechanic would likely go out of business.

Next time you look into tutoring for your student, make sure you have done the research into the facility. Make sure the tutors are there to teach and not to simply correct work. Talk to the tutor that will be working with your student. Learn about their teaching background, style and education.

After all, these people will be spending quality time with your kids helping them achieve their educational goals. So why not go the extra mile and ensure your kids are in good hands?

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